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It’s a radical, not to mention frightening suggestion, isn’t it, that we are the cause and cure of all disease? I mean why would any one willingly give themselves ulcers or hypertension? But, haven’t you often wondered why two people having the same illness, at the same stage, getting the same treatment from the same Doctor respond differently? One succumbs and the other does not.

The answer is this: All treatment and therapy can only aid and assist you to cure yourself but the power and the choice to finally do this is yours, much the same way that the source of all disease is also inside you. Already the medical world has listed a whole host of disorders including the world’s largest killers like heart disease and diabetes as being psychosomatic in origin.

So, if the cure is inside us, why can’t we cure ourselves?

Because over time, we have lost the way, forgotten the unique connections between the body, mind and soul and that without understanding these connections, cures are temporary, shallow. Something our ancestors knew and preserved in things like ancient cornucopias of knowledge like Ayurveda and Yoga.

With the increase of not just incidence of health disorders but also our quest for better health; its time to remember, to journey back down the ancient secret pathways inside ourselves, and to try and integrate these with newer knowledge and technology.

We have set up an infrastructure to fulfill such a journey – to once more connecting body and soul into an integrated state of wellness.

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