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Ayurveda in its essence is a way of life. Following Ayurveda in one's daily life translates to a healthy living in perfect harmony with the inner self, mind, body and nature. Being an ancient science, Ayurveda evolved thousands of years ago through observations and experiences based on solid principles and philosophy and a perfected documentation procedure.

Ayurveda stands distinct among all the sciences of human life and nature. Practicing Ayurveda provides necessary life force to maintain a healthy mind and body. It repairs the damages occurred due to imbalances in functions of body and mind.

Hence, Ayurveda is not just a way of treating ailments as the general belief goes, but a means to improve the quality of life by way of bringing harmony in body functions, improving the immune system, stress free mind and perfect interaction with forces of nature.

The emphasis of Ayurveda is "how better a person lives" rather than "how long". If you live better, naturally you live longer ! Ayurveda treats not just the disease but the person itself as a whole, using our own body's immune system to fight and then strengthening it to prevent any further ailments.

After your stay in Zamorin's we assure you that you would have learnt a rather unique and easy to follow way of life which will strengthen you to face any challenges of modern day life.

Caraka, the master physician is believed to have lived in the first century AD in India. The ‘Samhita’ composed by him forms the bedrock of Ayurvedic practise today. His contribution to India’s cultural inheritance was profound. Caraka Samhita was, in fact, a revision of an older text ‘Agnivesa Tantra’ which was written several centuries before Caraka’s time.

Caraka lived at a time when intellectual life in India was formenting. The six systems of Indian philosophy – ‘sankhya’, ‘nyaya’, ‘vaisesikha’, ‘mimasa’ 'Yoga' and ‘vedas’ were in varying stages of development and differentiation.

The ‘Caraka Samhita’ has been retold in an excellent book – ‘The Legacy of Caraka’ by Dr Valiathan a noted cardiac surgeon and investigator trained in UK &USA. The author brings out the specific aspects of Caraka’s philosophy, concepts and practise, its relevance today, as seen from the point of view of modern medicine.

Some of the Ayurvedic Treatment methods being executed at the Retreat are :

Rejuvenation Therapies

Kayakalpa Chikilsa (Body Immunization / Longevity Treatment)
This is the prime treatment in Ayurveda for reducing the ageing processes, arresting the degeneration of the body cells and immunisation of the system. Giving RASAYANA internally is the main part of this programme, based on the panchakarma and swethakarma treatment.

Rasayana Chikilsa (Rejuvenation Therapy)
This treatment includes body massage with hand and foot by two masseurs with medicated oil and cream, internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated steam bath. This therapy will rejuvenate mind and body, tone up skin, strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.

Shodhana Chikilsa (Body Purification Therapy)
It is a process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of vatha, pitha and kapha based on the panchkarma and swethakarma treatment.

Therapeutic Treatments

Abhyangam : Oil application on the entire body to lubricate the body tissues and doshas.

Dhara : Pouring of Liquid preparations in a steady stream on forehead and various parts of body.

Kizhi : Hot body fomentation by herbal combinations enclosed in boluses to dislodge the toxins.

Nasyam : Inhalation of special medicines to dislodge and induce evacuation of toxins from the upper body.

Njavarakizhi:It is the massage using cooked Navara rice in a cotton cloth bundle. It is highly rejuvenative and especially useful in emaciated conditions like muscular degeneration associated with neuromuscular disorders, rheumatism, burning sensation of body etc.

Pizhichil : Pouring of Ayurvedic oils on to lubricate and dislodge the vitiated dhoshas.

Sirovasthi : Medicated oil is poured over a leather cap kept on the head. This is effective for headache, hair falling, burning sensation and other diseases of ear, nose and throat.

Snehapanam : Cleansing of lower alimentary canal using oils.

Vasthi : Cleansing and evacuation procedure of dislodged doshas from the lower alimentary canal.

The Retreat boasts of all possible facilities for Holistic Treatment including its own herbal plantation from which medicines specific to your needs will be custom made in our own preparation unit.


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