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Rejuvenation Treatment (SUKHA CHIKILSA )
'Ashudhi' is the rogam (disease), 'Shudhikaranam' is the treatment and 'Nayurmalyam' is the resultant good health. This (Shudhikaranam) in essence is the Rejuvenation treatment. Ayurveda substantiates that due to our changed lifestyles,

we accumulate large amounts of 'Asudhi' (bad toxins) in our body &mind due to our faulty food habits, stressful living and above all - departure from nature.

These body toxins cause imbalances in our body & mind resulting in weakening of the immune system, general lack of vigor, addictions, indigestion, stress induced diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol, low back ache, short temperedness, anxiety, tension, lethargies, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, loss of memory etc.

Ayurveda has evolved a treatment regime where in a periodic purification of the body and mind (Rejuvenation) is carried out which corrects the body imbalances with nature, removes the accumulated toxins (thus purifying the body and mind) and then strengthens the immune system. On undergoing the therapy, a person regains his lost vigor and good health and is so full of life, both physically and mentally.

The actual treatment involves Panchakarma chikilsa in which the body DHUSTATHAKAL' (BAD TOXINS) are separated and isolated by Thirumal (body massage by special oils), Dhara, Kizhi etc. These bad toxins are directed to the stomach and then made to exit out from the body by a process called Vamanam/ Virejanam.

The tentative schedule of the treatment for 7 days package will be as follows (schedule, procedure and medicinal constitution will vary from person to person, depending on their condition).

Day 1. --- Arrival and detailed consultation and briefing.
Day 2 --- Thirumal (body massage), Dhara.
Day 3 --- -do-
Day 4 --- Thirumal, Kizhi
Day 5 --- -do-
Day 6 --- Vasti and rest
Day 7 --- Rest and departure

Some important points to note.
Important that a person is ready, both in body and mind, to undertake the treatment to derive max benefit.

Only vegetarian food, specific to body conditions advised by the doctor will be served and alcohol and tobacco should be strictly avoided.

Certain physical restrictions to avoid direct sunlight, rest and meal timings will be followed as per doctor's advice


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